Hannah Burkholder Bio

Hannah Burkholder is a triple threat choreographer and dance educator from Toronto, Canada.
Hannah began dancing at the age of three and has trained extensively in ballet, tap, jazz,
modern, theatre, hip hop, contemporary and acrobatics. She trained at a competitive level during
school years (under Wendy Laidlaw and Lorianne Schaus) and completed exams with the Canadian
Dance Teachers Association (C.D.T.A.) in Tap and Jazz. She has extensive acting, vocal and music
theory training. Hannah holds a kinesiology certificate from the University of Michigan and
continues to broaden her education through courses and classes. Hannah believes that we are
always learning in new ways and will forever be students!

Hannah has had the opportunity to work and train internationally with amazing choreographers
and educators. She works as a choreographer, teacher and adjudicator across Canada and the
United States and continues to educate back home in Toronto and surrounding areas. She is the
first certified Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (Y.P.A.D.) member of Canada and is an
ambassador for the YPAD organization. Hannah aided the growth of YPAD’s Adjudicator
Certification Course, ensuring that dancers’ safety is top priority in competitive dance. Hannah’s
work has allowed her to travel to Europe, Africa, Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean, Bahamas and the
UK. She has been recognized for her innovative and award-winning choreography, as well as her
attention to execution and detail in the studio through her use of science and body mechanics in
her lessons. Hannah’s current and graduate students are members of Team Canada (IDO), the Tap
Dance Centre, Ballet Jorgen, cruise lines and more.

Past dance and vocal performing credits include Disney Cruise Line, Much Music, music videos,
feature films and various stage performances including Grease, Seussical, The Addams Family,
Hair, Aladdin, Toy Story, Hairspray, Cinderella and DCL stage shows as well. Hannah was one of
five dancers chosen to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia to attend St. Catherine’s Palace with Disney
as the iconic princess, Cinderella. Hannah continues to educate dancers of all ages and is thrilled
to share her love of dance across the nation!