Sarah Calvert Bio

“MEd Coaching Sciences”

Sarah finished her first bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and began working in a physiotherapy clinic designing active rehabilitation programs for patients with acute and chronic injuries. She later became involved in movement research and is now a member of the Canadian Dance Researchers Association. Sarah is proudly one of only a few Canadian women to have ever obtained a Master’s Degree in Coaching Sciences where she collaborated with some of the most innovative coaches in the country. Her coaching mentor Howie Wenger, the former physiologist for Wayne Gretsky, guided her towards completing her graduate studies at the University of Victoria in 2008. Sarah began lecturing at the local community college and went on to publish articles on injury prevention for dancers, dance skill acquisition and principles of pedagogy in several journals and magazines. Her program was featured in the popular American magazine ‘Dance Studio Life.’

She has published a training program for developing dance teachers; this program is now used in 33 countries worldwide. In 2012 Sarah returned to Simon Fraser University to complete a bachelors degree in Education and teacher training in fine and performing arts. Sarah is a registered Dance and Physical Education teacher in British Columbia and actively leads dance workshops in the local school system.

Sarah’s choreography is well known throughout the artistic community. Over the last twenty years she has received annual choreography awards. Her choreography has been showcased at corporate events internationally. Sarah was elected by Gymnastics BC representatives to choreograph the opening ceremonies for the National Gymnastics Championships held at the University of British Columbia.

In her teaching practice Sarah maintains a high standard of safety by emphasizing solid technique and refined skill progressions. In addition to holding a Canadian Dance Teachers Association teaching certificate in Acrobatics and a certificate in Trampoline and Tumbling, Sarah is fully Level Three certified in Artistic Gymnastics through the National Coaching Certification Program. Sarah is also certified through the Acrobatics Arts professional curriculum for acrobatics education and has recently joined them as faculty. 

In her personal life Sarah can be found volunteering for global charity projects abroad. She has volunteered in over fifty countries and believes these cross-cultural experiences have cultivated her passion for community and acceptance within her classroom and the dance studio.