Sarah Hoekstra Bio

Sarah has been immersed in the dance industry since the age of 5. Sarah trained in Kitchener, Ontario in various dance forms including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro and Hip Hop. As a child, Sarah competed all over North America for over 13 years winning numerous awards and recognition for her dancing. Some of Sarah’s credits include WCDSB’s production of 42nd Street, Machtech commercials featured on CTV, Call Me Fitz on HBO, and more. Sarah started teaching and choreographing at the ripe age of 15, and has since been recognized year after year for her innovative, thought-provoking and meaningful choreography. Sarah has taught and choreographed throughout Canada, and frequently tours to share her love of dance with studios in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Sarah frequently guest teaches at studios throughout Ontario and is known for her inspiring and challenging combo
classes. Today Sarah is a member of multiple professional organizations involving dance and performing. Sarah is on the Quick Ball Change Dance Agency’s roster for experienced dance teachers and is a roster member for The Traveling Stage. Sarah has also been the creative director and founder of dance programs for students in New Minas, Nova Scotia. Sarah’s powerful love and passion for dance and choreography continues to grow every year and she can’t wait to share her love for dance with Dance Attack students!