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Business woman by day, Rebecca Reinhart works professionally in the industry as an actor, dancer, director and choreographer. Her choreography can be seen in musicals, and music videos working for artists such as Paper Lions, LightsClassified, Jake Robertz and MUGZ and a 2-time award winning production NUMBERS on Recently creating, directing, acting and casting projects such as, AGAPE, Hope for the Hopeful Unknown – which was featured in the Toronto Short Film Festival, They’re Always Watchingand Would You Babe with Ubiquity Records in Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) and was single-handedly selected to be showcased in the Toronto Silent Film Festival, Rebecca is continuously working in her field of passion in the arts.

Recently holding lead female role (dancer) in Alx Veliz’s U & Me Music Video, she continues to dance her life into greatness. Seen performing in dance shows around Canada, some more current examples include live stage and music video performances for Alx VelizGord Bamford, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, has performed for Warren G, and sassed up many stages with nuvo-burlesque for Chic-a-Boom Room and the Calgary Stampede. Rebecca has won numerous dance awards growing up, twice receiving the overall award in the scholarship based performance company The Young Canadians, the Groove Street Dance award granting her a scholarship to Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver.

Acting plays a large role in her life, stemming from years of training with The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede as a triple threat performer, Meisner with Robyn Kay, The Dirt Underneath with John Gordon, and other acting classes from renowned Directors and Actors.  Holding many lead roles, Rebecca is starring in a web-series ‘Lynn & Louise’, and was on the big screen at the Calgary International Film Festival as Kiran in ‘A Tune for Her’. Rebecca feels comfortable both in-front-of and behind the camera.  Speaking as the Master of Ceremonies, and hosting numerous shows, Rebeca’s drive and outgoing personality all work together towards her love for the spotlight.

Her strong and diversified technical dance background allows Rebecca to work within many fields in dance.  Entrepreneur by day, she opened Dance Educators International with Meaghan Giusti and Heather Saum. Their goal is to continuously build a strong community  of dance teachers around the world. Rebecca herself has coached children in performance and acting for the Calgary Stampede Talent Competition in, has been teaching dance since 2004, and has now moved on to adjudicating dance competitions: Kiwanis Dance FestivalThe Ultimate Dance Connection, Millennium Productions and an all-styles battle at Hip Hop Krismas. Rebecca has traveled across Canada to adjudicate, and is a member of the Professional Adjudicators Alliance (PAA)


“Enhance your Dance”

For the past 3 years, I’ve been fortunate to treat some amazing but most importantly talented entertainers/ performers. If you don’t know me, I have a passion for dance, it is it’ own language. As a kid, growing up in a large family- resources and time dedication from parents was limited so I couldn’t continue to dance.

In this journey, I fell in love working with dancers. What people don’t understand is dancing is a sport, and overlooked.

Over the years, I have realized that these well known professionals lacked important knowledge with regards to body maintenance such as different types of stretching.

The purpose of the workshop I’ve designed is to give the proper tools and information to allow dancers from all over the world, to use their craft and educate them on how to keep their body intact hence, preventing injuries.

My workshop showcases dancers on having a full range of motion in one’s sport without pain or strain. Tools to help maintain their shine preventing injuries while promoting longevity.It targets all dancers but focuses on younger demographic as it is easier to learn good habits at a young age.

There are many workshops available on how to become a better dancer but none on body maintenance. The irony is that the dancers will extort their bodies for performance, failing to realize that in the end, the body is their lifelong vehicle.