Stephanie Rutherford Bio

Stephanie Rutherford is an award winning choreographer and teacher based out of Canada.  Having a theatre major from the University of Winnipeg and extensive training in all forms of dance, Stephanie has managed to create an established career in the industry primarily focused in directing and choreographing commercial and contemporary dance . Stephanie is known to create an environment for dancers that demands them to be expressively open and artistically pushed. In turn, she has received much  recognition in both professional, convention and competitive environments for her thought provoking work. She is the artistic director and founder of the professional dance company “Rutherford Movement Exchange” as well, the host of the annual elite dance workshop entitled “The Dance Intensive”. Stephanie was selected as a finalist for the Capezio Ace Awards for Choreographic Excellence in New York City this past summer, where she presented her work to an esteemed panel of choreographers and directors. She has traveled to Vietnam as a selected international guest choreographer for HTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Vietnam – Season 3, where she choreographed during top 10 and 8 week. On the show,  she also presented an original RME  choreographic work that was performed by  “All Stars” from season 1 and 2 as a guest  performance in the results show.  Stephanie directed and choreographed the show  “Ascension- The act of rising to a higher level ” (Rutherford Movement Exchange’s company show 2013) as well as her company show “UNREFINED” in 2009.