Tamerra Herres Bio

“International Performer”

Tamerra Herres has spent a generous part of her life immersed in the dance world, where she has spent over 20 years in the industry. Starting at age 4, she quickly realized her love for the performing arts and grew up as a heavily involved and successful competitive dancer. Upon her high school graduation in Canada, she then traveled to the state of California where she trained and competed with the US company Dance Precisions. Shortly after, Tamerra received a full professional dance scholarship through the EDGE Performing Arts Centre in Los Angeles where she trained under some of the industries finest choreographers in multiple styles of dance.

In her extensive career as a professional dancer, Tamerra has had the opportunity to perform for the likes of Nelly Furtado, Canadian rapper Shad and Disney Tokyo in Japan amongst others. Her talent and dedication has also presented her with opportunities to work on projects with Universal Studios Hollywood, Fashion Arts Toronto, the Capezio Ace Awards and the Toronto Fringe Festival

Over the years she has blossomed into a well versed teacher, coach and choreographer with her artistry denoting strong aspects of storytelling, refined athleticism, and use of transitional staging and imagery. Her movement quality is very much inspired and influenced by human intention in its many forms and is guided by layers of musicality. Tamerra is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at York University with the purpose to enrich her knowledge of functional movement, progressive physical literacy, injury prevention and biomechanics as related to the dancer. She has a passionate heart for teaching the younger generation and is a strong believer that when science, proper technique and artistic expression come together, the dancer can realize their full potential with longevity. She believes the time is now, that creative aesthetics and smart effective training should be merged together. Tamerra aims to be a pivotal leader in equipping today’s generation with the tools to reach endless possibilities as young emerging dance artists, and as well-rounded human beings.
With knowledge there is power, and combined with passion, there is purpose.