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DANCE ATTACK Workshops is built around helping students, parents and studios learn from the best and have fun! The days of traveling all around Canada and USA and enormous bills at the end of weekend are gone!

DANCE ATTACK comes to your city and your studio.  I see first hand the challenges for families as students want to see the familiar names and learn from the best. With rising travel expenses, accommodation and food costs, our goal is to provide the same experience you will get from a big city workshop for half the cost and be within driving distance.

At DANCE ATTACK, we believe in the value of the experience!

A leader in the Canadian dance industry, only DANCE ATTACK can offer an unparalleled dance event extravaganza!

We offer the ultimate integrity to our competitors. Top industry dance professionals ensure that dancers are judged with the fairness that they deserve, in a positive, upbeat and friendly manner. We’re not afraid to be fair.

Attendees can enjoy an experience overflowing with entertainment and special perks only at DANCE ATTACK.

DANCE ATTACK has been providing world class workshops since 2008, bringing some of the biggest dance industry names, while providing top notch entertainment. In 2015,  DANCE ATTACK expanded to offer the TORONTO DANCE TEACHER EXPO in which 600+ studio directors and teachers all across Canada come together for an exciting and uplifting three days of instruction. We then expanded in 2016 to offer THE CALGARY DANCE TEACHER EXPO which it provided the same aspects as its sister Expo in Toronto!

DANCE ATTACK has taken another step further to offer another world class event with our  DANCE ATTACK COMPETITION starting in 2017!

We have the experience in providing fun, organized dance events! Let us show you the DANCE ATTACK way!

DANCE ATTACK wants to come to your city or studio! Contact us for more details! You won’t regret this opportunity!

Experience the difference, only at DANCE ATTACK !

DANCE ATTACK Director – Kent McCord

Kent and his many successful ventures have been a fixture in the Canadian and USA Dance Industries for over sixteen years. Kent proudly owns a dance studio in his hometown of Chatham, Ontario called ALL THAT JAZZ DANCE COMPANY which has become a very successful and competitive studio over the years. He launched DANCE ATTACK WORKSHOPa well-renowned company that provides top-quality workshops all across Canada and the USA. Kent has been fortunate to work alongside some of the biggest names and companies in the dance world.

In 2015, Kent introduced a one of kind opportunity for networking and expanding knowledge to the Canadian dance community THE TORONTO DANCE TEACHER EXPOKent followed this by introducing THE CALGARY DANCE TEACHER EXPO to his fellow Western Canadian dance friends in 2017.

Kent refuses to slow down in his vision to better the Canadian dance community, and his next effort was to provide a Top-Notch Competition for dancers in Canada called DANCE ATTACK COMPETITION which has been featured across Canada and continues to grow in Ontario to 8-10 locations each year.

Kent continues to prove his dedication to dancers in this country, DANCE ATTACK Student EXPO was launched in the fall of 2017, which provides an exceptional weekend for students and parents.  Over 500 attendees have the opportunity to attend this massive expo each year!

Finally, along with partners have created POINT OF VIEW – Photo/Video, a unique and current technology-based company to serve competitions and studios with all their Photography and Videography needs in the dance industry!

Kent is a loving father of his two beloved boys, Carson and Denny, and enjoys spending any downtime he has with his wonderful sons, two cats, attending boot camps, kickboxing, playing hockey, and softball in his limited spare time.